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Author Topic: Release Notes [ALPHA VERSION 12]  (Read 421 times)

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Release Notes [ALPHA VERSION 12]
« on: August 24, 2018, 04:01:31 PM »
Greetings Friends,

It's that time again. Update Alpha 12.0 is officially here. For those of you who are curious on the additions and fixes here is a list. (Please note that I'm probably missing a few items on here due to the sheer number of things added in this update. Anyway, let the list being!

- Pets: They can increase Luck and have an Element. Some pets, like Mr. Money, can even make your life easier by picking up coins for you.
- Luck: The chances of hitting double damage.
- Element: Deals extra damage if an enemy is weak to your pet's element.
- Wards(Shields): If one is equiped, pressing space will pull out a shield. Damage absorbed by the shield reduces the Shield's meter. If it goes past 0, you will have to wait for it to recharge.
- Shield Meter: Just right of your HUD, it shows the amount of damage your shield has received.
- Crafting Skill: Use Lumber and Ore to craft Wards, Weapons, and Tools.
- New Enemies: Three new enemies were added one online and the other offline. The Snow Pups and Chompers are online while the Wizzies are offline. (Over time we will replace every enemy with online ones.)
- Sounds: New atmospherics background sounds have been added. Players also make a sound when they are damaged.
- Noob Chest: By the Hermit's House is a chest filled with sticks. New players can use sticks as a temporary weapon to add extra range to their attacks.
- Firith Shop:
- Heavy Weapons:

- Added more detail to Penguin artwork.
- Inventory now has three buttons added to it Items, Pets, and Wards(Shields).
- Added gradiant to fishing line.
- The Tundra Pit was decreased to allow players with 5 agility or more to have access to the Snow Pups
- The Tundra checkpoint is now accessible by all players.
- Added more detail to Owl artwork.

Drop Rates:
- Paindeer items now drop more frequently.
- The Swordfish Sword is no longer as common of a drop.
- Most Tundra items have become considerably more common to drop, with the exception of the Legendary Golden Snowman Hat.

- The little pumpkins that are thrown now despawn.
- Other peers no longer kill enemies randomly
- Swordfish Swords no longer fall through the floor.

Here is the list of things I didn't manage to work on in this update, but I will in the next:

- Fishing Skill
- Stat Menu
- More Settings
- Adding Club P.A.I.N

Glitches that still need fixed:

- If another player is standing on a coin when you pick one up it will destroy the coin.
- Pets should disappear when you go through doors
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